International Conference ICODOC 2017 : Icar COlloque DOCtorants/DOCteurs

Welcome to the website of the second edition of the international conference for PhD students and young researchers, ICODOC 2017

Organised by ICAR laboratory - UMR 5191 (CNRS, Lyon II University and ENS Lyon),
it will be held on
June 15- 16, 2017 in Lyon.


ICAR laboratory (Interactions, Corpus, Learning, Representations, UMR 5191) is specialized in multidimensional analysis of the uses of spoken language in interaction and of text. The particularities of the analytical approaches that are practiced and developed in our laboratory consist of a tool-based understanding of large corpora of texts, oral and written. Thus ICAR unites several research teams focusing on various scientific fields such as interactional linguistics, corpus linguistics, the study of acquisition and learning, language and science didactics, and French linguistics.

After a first edition in 2015 devoted to the methodological issues of complex corpora, ICAR laboratory is organizing its second international multidisciplinary conference for young researchers (PhD candidates and PhDs) working in the fields of the two disciplines that represent the laboratory’s areas of research – language sciences and education sciences.

For this second 2017 edition, we wish to propose a common framework of reflection around the notion of resource from the point of view of language sciences and education sciences. For more information, you can read the call for papers here:

Conference location:

 ENS Lyon, 15 Parvis René Descartes, 69342 Lyon Cedex 07
Descartes Campus, Metro B, metro stop Debourg
Conference Room, Buisson Building; at the back left of the garden at ENS Lyon.


 For all questions, email us at:




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